UHF Programming Key

Advanced desktop programming feature for XT Mini

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Right level of security for every installation

The TagMaster UHF programming specifies a secure tag data format for TagMaster’s EPC Gen 2 readers. The format complies with the EPC Tag Data Standard and the security is based on reviewed public algorithms. System owners can set their own master keys and program their own tags without involvement of any third party. The TagMaster UHF Programming Key gives the user the opportunity to create own specified IDs for the tags in combination with a high security using the EPC password option, all embedded in the XT Mini reader.

Every installation has its own unique security requirements. The convenience with SecureMarkID® protection from illicit cloning is unsurpassed and used in many installations. On the other hand, AES-128 privacy and authentication can be used for some high security installations. However for most typical parking and access installation the combination of user programmed data and the security of the EPC password is the optimum solution. The TagMaster UHF Programming Key supports all these security levels.

No additional equipment

The programming is done using TagMaster XT Mini reader with just the addition of a software key. Using already familiar, well proven and reliable HW, UHF programming of tags have never been easier.

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