SecureMark ID

Easy-to-use security extensions based on cryptographic features

SecureMarkID is security extensions using RAIN. It has been developed and registered by TagMaster and offers an outstanding ease-of-use while still offering a medium security level based on cryptographic functions. While RAIN systems traditionally have been using either the EPC field for identity (which can easily be illicitly copied) or the TID field (which is too long to be used in all access control systems without truncation and therefore is difficult to administrate), SecureMarkID® offers a solution to both these problems.

Each tag has a readable identity printed on the tag to make administration and deployment easy. This identity comes in a sequence with consecutive running numbers. This identity is short enough to be sent to an access control system using most available Wiegand formats without truncation. It prevents illicit duplication of tags by using cryptographic functions. This security level is suitable for instance in long range vehicle access control applications. TagMaster also offers more advanced security options at higher security levels, but this will require more handling during installation and administration.

By using TagMaster’s SecureMarkID® the installation and start-up of the system will be extremely efficient and will only require a minimum of effort. SecureMarkID® is preconfigured in all Readers, and by selecting both tags and Readers from TagMaster, a RAIN compliant system with security extensions can be up and running directly out-of-the-box.

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