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Monitoring system Tag Test Display for the auxiliary safety system Tag Detector Plus


In an industrial environment is absolutely important to check that all the safety systems work correctly.
Thanks to RFID technology the
Tag Detector Plus
by TagItalia helps safety devices in order to avoid accidents using RFID Tags and Readers to signal the presence of an operator in high risk areas.
The system can be used in a wide range of application areas like Packaging, Recycling, Waste Management and is perfectly suits all the plants where is needed an increase of the efficiency of the safety systems.
Trevisan SpA is an Italian company leader in Waste Management and Itís able to collect, sort and bring to recycling all waste from industrial, manufacturing, commercial and handicraft activities.
The company, with its fleet of specially equipped vehicles along with up-to-date technologies such as: containers, press-containers, wire containers, presses.
TagItalia, with its devices for to increase security for safety systems in high risk environment, is proud to be a important supplier of Trevisan SpA.

The request

The customer needed a fast and careful check procedure to test the RFID Tags used by each operator during work perfectly. Before each operator starts to work a check procedure has to be set to control the RFID Tags are ok. The system should be able to give real time signaling for any faults of the devices to the operators and to safety managers.

The solution

The solution is TAG TEST DISPLAY and consist of two TagMaster
LR-6 Reader
RFID Readers (2.45GHz RFID semi-passive technology) and a
Display to show alert messages an notification messages during the check procedure.
If a fault is detected on a RFID Tag (ex. exhausted battery or low battery of one RFID Tag) the display immediately shows an alert message and a detailed report is sent by e-mail to the safety managers.
The system features a configuration web browser interface available on a Ethernet LAN connection to customize the system in order to satisfy all the customerís requests.

The results

The use of a
Display allows to show real time messages and check procedure results to operators.
The full automation of the system helps to simplify and give more importance to the safety procedure.
Thanks to the success and benefits introduced by the TAG TEST DISPLAY the customer has expressed particular satisfaction for the solution.

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