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The management of medical records of patients is one of the main causes of errors and inefficiency within the health facilities. Such errors may be drastically reduced through the digitalization of information about the patients.

Thanks to the use of bracelets containing a transponder with RFID technology it is possible to transfer on electronic support all the information on the medical history of the patient, from treatments received to possible allergies.

The bracelets for Patient Control by TagItalia are made of hypoallergenic vinyl in assorted colors, they have a permanent plastic clasp and a small pocket that can hold the microchip on which the patientís information will be written. Inside the bracelet several types of transponders can be inserted, both Read Only and Read & Write, depending on the needs of the structure. When the patient will be dismissed, the bracelet (being relatively cheap) will be tossed away while the transponder inside can be recovered and, once formatted, addressed to new use.


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