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GEN4 SDK (Software Development Kit) is a complete software development environment for Reader-hosted applications. The SDK includes a virtual machine with Debian GNU/Linux and pre-installed development tools to minimize the development startup time.

The virtual machine works like a computer running in a window (or full screen) on another computer (the host system). The mouse and keyboard are shared between the virtual machine and the host system. It is possible to share disks between the two systems and also to drag and drop fi les and cut and paste text.

Developing software for GEN4 Readers is basically done the same way as if it was developed for a standard Linux host. An application can be developed and debugged in the SDK (host) before it is downloaded to the Reader (target). It is also possible to debug the application on the Reader. To speed up development it is possible to boot the Reader from a Network file system that is shared by the SDK and the Reader.

When software is compiled in the SDK it automatically appears on the Reader. The Linux kernel and the shared file system are exported by preconfigured TFTP and NFS servers in the SDK.

Key benefits:

  • Virtual machine running Debian GNU/Linux
  • Seamless integration with host system
  • Pre-installed development tools
  • GNU Debugger for host and target
  • TFTP and NFS servers for Reader network boot
  • Technical specification:

    Memory requirements512 MB RAM minimum, 1024 MB or more recommended
    Disk space requirements4 GB minimum, 8 GB or more recommended
    Linux distributionDebian GNU/Linux 4.0 (etch)
    Development toolsGNU tool chain (make, gcc, gdb, etc.)
    Programming languagesC, Java (for web interface applet development)
    EditorsXEmacs, gedit, vi

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