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X-Access is the most advanced plug 'n play access control software suited for the TagMaster LR and XT series RFID Readers. It is fully customizable to satisfy any request for a wide range of applications.

Thanks to its modular structure it’s easy to add a Reader to the system (up to 250 Readers) with TCP/IP link. External devices (like cameras, OCR detectors, IR barriers, and so on) can be selected to add to a reader specific functions and customized behavior.

The X-Access application manages the system logic and can be configured using the specific graphic user interface via web browser by PC with ethernet connection.


X-Access is easy to use and configure even for the most complex systems. No additional software is required on your PC; the application is embedded on the Reader.

Zone Management

X-Access includes the “anti passback” function and the “In-Area” control to increase the security of the system and can be used to track all the user's actions.

Fully Customizable

Thanks to its modular structure X-Access is suitable for all that applications that need to integrate different devices and technologies.

Key benefits:

  • Plug and play
  • Anti passback
  • Zone Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Multi-language support
  • Remote management
  • Web Interface
  • Serial Interface
  • Time Attendance Report
  • Data Base Backup

Supported external devices:

  • LF(125kHz)/HS(13,56MHz) RFID Readers
  • ANPR plate recognition
  • CCTV
  • IR Barriers
  • People counter
  • 3G/WiFi Router


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