HF Reader

A rugged RFID Reader for every needs

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HF Reader is a 13.56MHz RFID Reader well suited for harsh environments and external applications. Its printed circuit board is fully protected by specific insulation resin and and covered with strong plastic case spercial for panel or wall mounting. HF Reader is supplied with multiconductor cable with power supply and data signals. Various models available featuring different working modes, interfaces and power supply range.


Product Code
standard MIFAREIO 121.13X0IO 121.11XXIO 121.1211IO 121.1000
standard ICODEIO 122.13X0IO 122.11XXIO 122.1211IO 122.1000
Operating Frequency13.56MHz13.56MHz13.56MHz13.56MHz
Work ModeSpontaneousPolling / SpontaneousPollingPolling
Power Supply5VDC5VDC / 12VDC12VDC5VDC
Operating Temperature-10C +50C-10C +60C-10C +60C-10C +60C
Dimensions(LxWxH mm)110 x 80 x 26110 x 80 x 26110 x 80 x 26110 x 80 x 26

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