ScriptTag HD

RW ID-Tag Heavy Duty

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ScriptTag HD is a 2.45 GHz Read/Write heavy duty ID-tag. The tag is specially designed for tough environments and high/low temperatures and is the standard choice for applications where there is a need to write information to the ID-tag. TagMaster’s heavy duty ID-tags are vibration resistant, waterproof, UV stable, corrosion- and chemical resistant.

Key features:

  • Long read-range
  • Lifetime of 6 to 10 years
  • Heavy-duty design for tough environments
  • Small size
  • Unique identity, cannot be changed or copied
  • Environmentally harmless
  • 32 bit ID checksum for elimination of substitution errors
  • Fast reading – no wake-up time
  • Easy to mount on any surface (including metal) with M4 screws, rivets or adhesive tape)
  • Low radio emission – license-free


Product Code145000
Operating frequency2.400 - 2.484 GHz
Reading rangeUp to 6 meters with LR-6 HD Reader
Battery lifetime6 to 10 years
EncapsulationIP 67
Dimensions90 x 58 x 8 mm

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