Immediate indication

Signal traffic light, with LED tecnology, reduces energy consumption compared to traditional traffic lights, thanks to the use of LED that save operating and maintenance costs.

In fact, these lamps produce an intense and bright monochromatic light, as well as guaranteeing a significant duration of operation as they use the technology with independent lighting elements, which allows regular operation even in the event of a single element failure.

The two-light LED traffic light uses two 25 LED cards to display the red-green (RG) colors combination.

Signal lights are mainly used to manage priority movements in condominiums, residences, car parks, industrial environments, etc. This traffic light allows it to be rotated by an angle of 200 approx. in steps of 3 .


Product Code400.0001
Power24V AC/DC 6W
Grade IPIP 54
Operating temperature-30 / +80 C
Dimensions (mm)180 x 290 x 410 (L x W x H)
Weight2.7 Kg

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