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The TagItalia Visual device is equipped with LEDs that are perfectly legible and can be read from any angle. With this characteristic, the display it can be installed both in an indoor environment, not illuminated directly by sunlight, or in the presence of strong lighting.

With its excellent brightness Visual is recommended in the case there is a strong artificial lighting, as in a television studio, or when it must be legible from a distance.

With a letter height of 50mm, the display can be viewed up to a distance of 20 meters. Its compact dimensions and its robustness make it suitable for installations in industrial environments also in outdoor areas.

Thanks to the communication via RS485 it can easily be inserted as an event display device in information or diagnostics systems.


Product Code400.0000
Power230 VAC
Grade IPIP 54
Brightness2400 mcd
Operating temperature-20 / +55 C
Dimensions (mm)1000 x 75 x 450 (L x W x H)
Weight15 Kg

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