SL Open

Stand alone RFID door opener

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SL Open is a device that works in complete stand-alone mode developed specifically for controlling the opening of a door. Equipped with 125KHz RFID reader is compatible with the most popular RFID systems.
he internal relay is the control of a solenoid and therefore the opening of a lock. Authentication with RFID tags (card, key ring etc.) is the way to to manage users.
The SL open works in a full stand-alone mode. It can operate all the functions, INSTALL and RUN, with no need of the external antenna (cod. IO 110.1E31).
The antenna is an optional device to use in high security level applications. In this case the antenna has to be mounted externally to the door and the SL Open module internally in the protected area.
All the INSTALL operations are executed on the SL Open module. The antenna only detect the keys for access.


Product CodeIO 110.1X31
PowerAC/DC 24V 30mA
Grade IPIP 66
Operating frequencyLF 125KHz
Read rangeUp to 5 cm
Operating temperature-15 / +60 C
Dimensions (mm)112 x 30 x 77 (L x W x H)
OutputRelay, (2A 24VAC o 24VDC)

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