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The ERES81 is a short range transceiver (less than 1 meter) that operates at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. It is a monoblock device with builtin antenna, equipped with two circular connectors. Based on inductive transmission, it dialogs with a second identical device facing it in ground/aboard data exchange applications (railway applications). Through an RS 422 serial link (8 pins connector), it sends the received data from the transceiver facing to a control equipment, and receives from it the data to be transmitted to the facing device. A second connector (19 pins) brings together the inputs/outputs TOR (all or nothing). Frames preregistered and selectionnables by the inputs can also be programmed via the serial link RS 422 by means of a software tool. ERES81 can function indifferently with any or the two connected connectors.

ERES81 1307 and ERES81 1308 are functionally identical and completely interchangeable. They are not differentiated that by the type of central processing unit used. The extension 1307 or 1308 is to be specified only for applications requiring a redundancy while avoiding the defects risks of common mode.
ERES81 functions in couple with one of the following apparatus: ERES81, ERCP81.

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