HyperX LPR3011

2.45 GHz

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Balogh HyperX™ LPR 3011 RS V2 2.45GHz compact reader enable high speed identification of all tags in the HyperX™ product range. Thereader is available in 1 version with a fully integrated compact design. The compact casing contains all the functional parts of the reading unit: antenna, RF source, demodulator,processor, and interface modules. The electronics are totally integrated into robust ABS casing and coated with a special resin.

The reader can be mounted against poles, walls or metallic surfaces using the optionnal support that is to be adjusted to direct the identification field toward the direction of the tags. The LPR 3011 RS V2 model is designed for outdoor installation. Each reader has a bicolor LED to inform tag holders of identification.

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