UHF KeyPass

High reliability, Very long read range

KeyPass UHF is a UHF Gen 2 Tag RFID developed for vehicleaccess control, logistic applications, tracking and freight management. KeyPass UHF tag is available in 100 x 26 mm adhesive labeland can be used for tracing pallets, boxes and containersfor automation of goods management and supply processes.KeyPass UHF tag integrates the Alien Higgs 3 chip with 128 bits of EPC memory and 512 bits of user memory. You can also associate it with a 10-digit barcode in EAN-128encoding. Designed to be installed in multiple situations, it offers the best performance applied to the windshield of a vehicle. Developed to operate in high-grade deterioration applications, the Tag provides good performance, reliability and high read distance for Long Range applications.


Product codeGS 231.5072
Chip Alien Higgs 3
Operating frequency840 960 MHz
StandardEPC Class 1 Gen2 ISO 18000-6C
MemoryEPC 128 bits
MemoryTID 96 bits
Serial number8 bytes in TID bank
SpecsHigh read range, Windscreen veichle applications
Operating temperature-20 C +75 C
Dimensions (mm)100 x 26 x 0.1 (L x W x H)

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