Capri ZTL Access Control

Acces management of electric vehicles for the carriage of goods and luggage LTZ


The traffic congestion in an urban area is due to the excessive number of vehicles that move simultaneously inside. Exceeding the limit of vehicles capacity is a major problem, especially in centers with a high number of pedestrians like the beautiful island of Capri. In the narrow streets of the island we find various transportation needs such as people, goods, equipment and luggage.

The request

From time transport is managed by special co-operatives, equipped with small electric vehicles that perform the service. Given the limited availability of space and the high density of vehicles on the road, we need a new regulation allowing essential transport activities, in compliance with the high number of tourists staying on the island.

The solution

Thanks to a careful analysis was found the number of the means usable for fraction of time. This number can be changed dynamically according to the variables of foot traffic. Each required transport is inserted into a web server. This automatically assigns the pre-orders authorizing transit times as well as connections to a careful optimization of the service. The passage control, and therefore their schedules and routes assigned, is carried out through a network of RFID reader. These products TagMaster constantly monitor the passage of vehicles specially equipped with a seal to RFID tags.

The results

The traffic in the restricted traffic zone is now handled automatically. Not only in function of the needs but especially by minimizing the impact for the many tourists. The cargo operations are carried out on time by optimizing the route of each vehicle.

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