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Vodafone Village is the Milan office of the homonymous and prestigious multinational telephone company. The structure is a project that wants to gather in a single area all the buildings of the Vodafone brand spread throughout the territory. A project that has required 10 years of work and is characterized by the very high degree of innovation of the structure, its architecture, aesthetics, materials and of course the technology that constitutes it.
At the end of 2012, the Headquarters of Vodafone obtained LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the most authoritative international system for measuring and certifying the sustainability of buildings, the largest certified Italian building.

A real ecological and technological complex on an area of ​​67 thousand square meters, 3000 workstations (open and closed spaces open, formal and informal), over 1000 car parks, 300 for motorcycles and 172 for bicycles, two points refreshments, learning center spaces - with 9 training rooms -, a theater with a capacity of 380 seats on a 900 square meter space, a bar, 43 meeting rooms, a highly technological space and 800 square meters of photovoltaic garden, etc. A technological device that is estimated to see the operation of about 70,000 sensor points, with 3500 anti-intrusion points, 11 thousand fire points, 1200 surveillance cameras and also includes a Security Operation Center active 24 hours a day.

The request

Obviously such a project has availed itself of a reference project management of the highest level, the Honeywell industry leader. Honeywell's role was basically what has been recognized for years as a primary, operating in a "Smart Building logic" as described in the company's press releases.
Such a structure requires an extremely dynamic and reliable Parking management system, which allows rapid use of the controlled gates avoiding any possible delay. Devices that can be integrated with the high degree of complexity of the centralized management macrosystems, which provide a very high degree of reliability and durability, and finally that have a design that is appropriate to the futuristic structure.

The solution

The solution provided by TagItalia to Honeywell consists in supplying the composite system of 11 UHF Tagmaster readers of the XT line, for as many transit directionality. The choice could only focus on the top of the UHF TagMaster reader, the completely compliant with the EPC Gen2 standard (ISO 18000-6C) and with Wide Range of reading, up to 9 meters away and above all high flexibility for the development of the necessary dedicated software.
The readers are placed at the dashboard height for an immediate use of the entrance to the parking, becoming part of an extremely advanced parking management system equipped with indicators, indicators, vision, etc. Not only security systems for entry only to authorized but a choice of top of the range product to ensure an easy and comfortable entrance to the building. The experience that Honeywell, and the other technological partners have allowed the Vodafone customer already from the look of Parking in fact falls within the Top-End category. Consider that within the parking lot there are innovative parking systems, single seat counting up to customization of led signage with colors dedicated to categories (standard, women, company, disabled, busy).
It is difficult to think that a similar apparatus did not need UHF entry systems, therefore a very first user approach to the building systems, extremely performing and reliable that could certainly avoid the performance fluctuations typical of UHF technology of more widespread products in the consumer environment.

The results

11 readers on the same plant are certainly a non-secondary supply, quite unusual for even important building projects like the one just described.
The literature on the complex technological ecosystem present in the Village is wide and traceable in the network because it was a case study of absolute importance as regards concepts of Security Safety, Connected Buildings etc ..
The role of TagItalia within the project is certainly a minor role but we certainly believe it deserves to be mentioned. In fact, the choice made by leading companies such as Honeywell for the products distributed by TagItalia should be highlighted, thanks also to the immediate and punctual support that distinguishes the brand from the simple distributor, inserting it in the context of a partner of added value.

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