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Fondi's Agrifood Center for Wholesale is the largest and most modern Italian concentration, conditioning and sorting center for fresh fruit and vegetables.
Located between Rome and Naples, it is located in the heart of one of the most important sites in Italy for the production of fruit and vegetables. Logistic platform between north and south Europe, the Fondi Fruit and Vegetable Market is the privileged place of supply for the Italian metropolis and the large-scale retail trade, but also a strategic commercial structure for the distribution of fruit and vegetable production throughout the Mediterranean basin.

The Center covers an area of 335 hectares comprising 200 concessionaires, of which 10 large agricultural cooperatives gathering 3,000 local producers, equipped with technologically advanced equipment for air conditioning, storage and custom processing of products, this element last that most characterizes the complex "MOF System". [...]

The request

A reality so articulate and with such imposing numbers needed an efficient AVI system. An architecture able to automate, speed up and record the use of the transit routes by the operators who daily operate within[...]
This initial request for the control of the priority goods flow was then accompanied by the need for an equal speed in the verification and management of some pedestrian crossings. So the idea of a project upgrade with integration on the same software able to follow two different structures and services of automated management. A challenging project and a real challenge for TagItalia.


Compatibly with due privacy requirements, it can be stated that the solution provided by TagItalia to the MOF main contractor consists in supplying the composite system of 5 UHF Tagmaster readers of the XT line.
The choice could only focus on the top of the range UHF TagMaster reader, the
XT-3 Reader
fully compliant with the EPC Gen2 standard (ISO 18000-6C) and with Wide Range of reading, up to 9 meters away and above all a high flexibility for the development of the necessary dedicated software.
The readers, installed on as many passages in the most typical Electronic Toll Collection mode, have been integrated on the proprietary HW and SW solution already operational in MOF through a protocol developed ad hoc. [...]


The use of TagMaster XT3 devices, has been ideal to allow the integration of software and hardware solutions already present rapidly, increasing the level of security and significantly increasing the mobility of necessary flows.
At the same time the TagItalia readers positioned on the pedestrian gates improved safety and usability of areas. To underline the ability to integrate two systems, two technologies and two totally different areas of operation on a single software.

Thanks to an IoT function of the WebService installed, TagItalia can also reach the customer at any time to respond to support needs, make updates, monitor any critical issues on demand.
A MOF system designed in an extremely forward-looking way to allow the Web Server to have a modular and easily expandable architecture

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