Medical Areas
Traceability and security for the Health care
Supplies and medical projects for the Healthcare area , the access control in hospitals and nursing homes to the tracking of patients and their medical records
TagItalia provides a broad catalogue of products and solutions for the automation of vehicle and pedestrian access control, specific for application in the healthcare sector/hospital areas.
The solutions are based mainly on TagMaster's products, both in semi active 2.45GHz and passive UHF technologies, and they combine high performance (distance and high speed reading), reliability, processing power and extremely competitive prices.

A wide range of solutions, from access control in restricted areas to medical and paramedical personnel, the presence detection and localization for patients and inpatients, the gate control for vehicles and fast lanes for the management of transit authorization and stand in reserved areas, until the products for electronic health records management. Dedicated solutions that can improve the Clinical Risk Management and the Governance of hospitals and receptions with a special focus on patient and personnel identification systems, until the monitoring of hospital assets.

In the Healthcare sector, TagItalia aims above all to be a company able to follow the customization of dedicated systems developed on the actual needs of the customer.

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