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A technical innovation

‘Test Tags’ is a function designed to be used during installation and deployment of tags. Such an environment is characterized by one or several readers, and normally of a variety of vehicles with individual properties, making height and installation angles very different. Even more important, some vehicle windshields could be metalized or with metallic structures for heating. Such windshields often have some good positions for tags, but mostly reading a tag through such a windshield is difficult or impossible.

Using the ‘Test Tags’ function it is easy to move around a tag to find a spot with good signal strength by observing the reader LED indication. Green LED meaning very good strength, yellow LED limited strength and red LED indicating no signal at all. The benefit of this solution is that no extra equipment is needed (only reader and tag) and that the exact same tag that is being used in the installation is used for the test. A specific tag or instrument for measuring signal strength would likely have different antenna properties from the tag later to be used in that vehicle, but this TagMaster innovation completely circumvents this problem.

No additional equipment or cost

‘Test Tags’ is compatible with all RAIN tags. Up to three different tags can be registered as test tags to be used with this function.

The function has been developed by TagMaster to solve the challenge with installation in cars with metalized windshields, but it will also be a valuable tool aiding the general placement of tags and readers. This is done without any additional equipment or additional cost.

This function is firmware controlled and is delivered with all XT-1 and XT Mini readers. ‘Test Tags’ is recommended to be combined with SecureMarkID® for increased security and ease of use. By selecting both tags and readers from TagMaster, an extremely reliable and accurate RAIN system with security extensions can be up and running directly out of the box.

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