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Each hand palm is unique, not only on the surface, but also under the skin. And that is the exact foundation for the biometric security process used by the Palm-ID. There is a complex network of veins under the skin of all hand palms. And these network of veins differ for each individual. The blood that flows through the veins absorbs infra-red light. The Palm-ID uses an infra-red sensor to read the vein pattern, registers the unique properties of the pattern and compares them with the authorised hand palms in the database. Counterfeiting is impossible. The doors will only open to people who have been given prior authorisation. The system, other than being used by privates to increase safety, comfort and prestige of their properties, is particularly suitable for security applications. The most favourite applications are those in the field of military and banking structures, as well as SPDC departments or where it is operated in TSO, and especially in prisons and detention/correction facilities.

Technical Information:

Identification and authorization< 0,00008%
False acceptance rate (FAR)< 0,00008%
False rejection rate (FRR)< 0,01%
Templates per person2
InterfaceWiegand (in/out)
USB doors2

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